Once A Month Cooking AKA Freezer Cooking

I’m really looking at once-a-month cooking as an option for me. I’m young and live alone and anyone who has done this knows how difficult it is to cook for only one person without A) eating the same thing for days upon days or B) food going bad. I have unfortunately done both and as a result dread cooking that involves pots and pans when I know I’m only going to eat a small portion and don’t have lots of time for dishes.

The option of making things so I can heat up one small portion and then have another individual portion of something else tomorrow is a great idea and a definite time saver when I just want to eat after a long day at work and school. I’ll keep you all in the blog world updated on how this goes and I plan to post pictures and give reviews on how well things froze and reheated as I cook and eat them. Until then, I’m going to continue to look up recipes and freezing techniques so once I move into my new apartment next month I can get started!