“Minor” Details: Favors

There are so many details in a wedding to consider and one of the less crucial are favors. But as you may already know I’m an overachiever and am planning every detail in advance so I’ve given favors some thoughts; here’s what I’ve come up with.

How much are you “supposed” to spend on favors? I have no idea. Just about everything I found about keeping them within a reasonable budget recommends buying in bulk and self-packaging. It makes sense especially for someone as craft-savvy as me.
There’s lots of pre made options out there today including all kinds of things you can write you and your spouse’s name and wedding date on (matches were always classic for this) but unless they are matches those just won’t get used to be honest and some of the interesting options are quite expensive.

Ooh! Unless your wedding is on the Fourth of July—sparklers and matches are a perfect combo, just be careful in your gown around those open flames!!

So after some research I’ve come up with many fun options:

Miniature Succulents (or other small plants) in miniature clay pots (maybe handpainted to match the decor?) –these can get kind of costly pretty quickly but may help me cut down on the professional floral budget a bit
It may also be super cute to stick a little sign in it as the escort card as well?

The infamous Candy Bar
Since I’m a perfectionist and a creative type to boot there is no way I could/would have a candy bar without a few gorgeous apothecary jars to hold them in. Even with the cheapest ones available (see http://www.save-on-crafts.com and http://www.jarstore.com for some great options) and some of least expensive but still yummy candy and baggies to put them in (see http://www.papermart.com for cute but inexpensive small bags, OOT (out-of-town) bags and tissue paper) it would be near-impossible to keep the price below $2.00 a person where ultimately I’m shooting for closer to $1.50 each.

Chocolate-covered Strawberries are always delicious  but would likely be very pricey unless perhaps I did the work myself.

My newest favorite? Handmade caramel apple. Seems like something I can make and package to my standard for about $1.50 a head. This would be ideal for a fall wedding when apples are in season and you and your soon-to-be spouse can handpick the apples at an orchard. Date with a purpose—love it! Check out the recipe options I found here:

Another recent favorite: Personalized Sharpie Markers! Who doesn’t love Sharpies? It’s super practical and if you buy it promotional-item style  its inexpensive, as it comes automatically in large quantities.

Any interesting favors you’ve heard of? Any favors that should be avoided? Let me know what you think!