Blake Lively has the World’s Cutest Dog

Okay so I LOVE cute little dogs. Big dogs just aren’t my cup of tea—proabably because they are at least as big as I am. This is my boyfriend Theo’s minature short haired dauschund Teddy for an example of why I’m obsessed with small dogs.


I was searching for photos of celebrities with long haircuts that I like since I’m going after work today to get my hair cut (my local salon offers a $20 women’s cut/style/shampoo on Tuesdays) and I was just finding a few more desirable options.

One celebrity I came upon was Blake Lively—and I’m realizing I often style my hair much like she does, sort of straight with messy waves/curls that cover my shoulders and upper chest.

Upon doing so I saw her teacup malti-poo “Penny” and my heart melted. See the below photos to fall in love:


blakelivelyBlake, her dog, and Penn leave set