I Can Always Relate to this…

The name of the song, “That Green Gentleman” makes me think of “being green”. Being green means you just haven’t quite ripened. You’re still in the blossoming stage. Holding onto the tree knowing you’re not ready to drop just yet, until after a sunny day and strong breeze you might fall. You can continue to ripen so you’ll get picked up or you can lie around and rot. Your choice.

Being a twenty-something means that life is full of choices and changes. At the beginning you’re at the cusp of adulthood and before you know it you are a full-fledged adult.

You become more aware of birth and death. You realize how precious life truly is and that taking friends and family for granted isn’t worth it. You start deciding who in your life is worth your time. You learn to manage your time and begin to understand how it can be so easily wasted.

As a twenty-something you become more aware of the world around you and start to understand the concerns about insurance and healthcare and the impact of the government on our lives. You may commit yourself to a partner for better or worse or watch your friends do this, in terror or in jealousy. You make decisions about financial planning and family planning that will impact you for the rest of your life.

I love this song because no matter what the changes are at the moment, my life is constantly changing. I have dreams and hopes of it continuing to change and evolve and becoming the person I am meant to be.

The chorus line says it all:
“Things Have Changed for Me, and that’s okay.”

“Life is a great and terrible and short and endless thing—and none of us make it out alive.”
– P.S. I Love You

Embrace it. Embrace life. Embrace the change. No matter who or what you believe in, I hope you believe in optimism and see that things always turn out the way that they were supposed to—every cloud has a silver lining. Please realize that not all of us twenty-somethings are thoughtless and useless. And maybe those who are just haven’t found something to latch onto yet.

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