Have you head about Lover.ly? My personal Review

loverly logo

After finding a blog post about Lover.ly I went to look it up. It’s similar to Pinterest but exclusive to weddings. It has a goregous home page—my first thought? “This is very Style-Me-Pretty-esque”. I found out why.

Unlike Pinterest you cannot add your own inspiration from outside sources you can only re-select what already exists on their site. They get these images from popular blogs (eg. Style Me Pretty Weddings) and retailers (eg. David’s Bridal, Watters). If you wanted to replicate a Style Me Pretty wedding this is your complete source for those items. Otherwise I might just stick to my tried-and-true Pinterest. Although the same concept of collecting images into personal categories is very similar, I don’t think it’s as easy to use as Pinterest UNLESS you have a strong intention of buying exactly the item you found rather than using it as inspiration. (They have a LOT of the purchase links or brand names attached.)

However, if you do like Lover.ly and want to keep using it but also want to use your Pinterest….LUCKY YOU—I tried it and you can definitely Pin an image from Lover.ly to Pinterest.

So, happy pinning (on Pinterest) and bundling (on Lover.ly)!! If you need some wedding inspiration check out my themed “I. Do. Dreams.” Boards! I’m not sure if you can find someone on Lover.ly—maybe that privacy is a nice feature if you want your wedding ideas to be a surprise!


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